Eva den Heijer

‘All Art Derives From Play’ – a quote of Johan Huizinga (Homo Ludens, 1938), which I totally embrace and try to translate in my work as an artist, but also as a perspective in how we can look at art.

Since 2004 I have a practice as a visual artist. In this practice I play and examine inside the two-dimensional domain the way we perceive the world around us and how form and meaning are established. Parallel to this practice, I also design applied games.

Born in 1980, Bussum, The Netherlands, Working as an artist since 2004 in Utrecht (the Netherlands), mainly paintings and drawings inspired on shapes and patterns in daily used objects.
Working as a game designer since 2013, mainly educational games (art education related)

2013 Master of Education in Arts HKU University of the Arts Utrecht
2004 Bachelor of Fine Arts HKU University of the Arts Utrecht

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