Mariaan van den Berg

Mariaan’s work is situated in ‘Object Oriented Philosophy’- Looking for the’ Soul of the Thing’. (Graham Harman). It questions human dominance, which forms a direct contrast in the way we consider objects. It proposes an alternative perception where we would admit that ‘Things’ are more than we perceive them to be and that their inherent worth lies beyond that of human need.

The 3D Collages of wood, Perspex and metal, protrudes tentatively into the space of the visitor. The work becomes the spectator and the viewers the work. The eye is pulled upward with colours, shapes and symmetry (age-old tools used to portray deities and places of worship). She experiments with non-traditional art materials and challenges herself to create meaning using digitally operated tools like laser cutting- and CNC-machines in combination with her own hands and brain.

Themes in her work include power relationships, the meaning of dominance, and the idea of being human in a world filling up with non-human intellectual entities. Is it possible to join creative forces with ‘Things’ like AI (Artificial Intelligence), or will we continue to think about ‘us’ and ‘them’?